April 22, 2010

On Ignorance & Prejudice

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Ignorance is the great destroyer of knowledge. Knowledge blinded with ignorance is nearly meaningless. But the great tragedy is that humans are naturally prone to fall prey to their own prejudices, assumptions and opinions. These can easily became the nursemaid of seething ignorance and produce a child that is blind & deaf to all that goes against what is locked within it’s mind as being ‘right’ or ‘true’. We all do it at some time, but the true test is being able to rise above our own prejudices and see beyond their limited confines.

Prejudice and hatred that is religion based is perhaps one of the most tragic of all things. It can rip communities apart and render families dim shells of what they once were. People use the cloak of ‘God’ to further their own selfish bigotry, it’s truly mind-boggling at how people can twist holy texts to fulfill their own desires. The Catholic church used the Bible to justify the witch persucutions, and crusades. None of these were wrong in the eyes of those who carried them out and believed in them. But when one ceases to see fellow human beings and starts seeing non-believers, then the door to unimaginable horror is opened. God’s of love become bloody tyrants, people of peace become vicious, cold automatons to their twisted message.

When I see religious intolerance, racism, sexism and their ilk, it truly saddens me to think that people see ‘them’ instead of ‘us’. Perhaps one day it will breathe it’s last breath and cease in separating brothers & sisters, mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, friend and friend. Human & human.

April 10, 2010

The Whisper

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The nature of the mind is to catagorize, label, asscioate and estabellish connections with things within the internal world and in the external world. We are constantly doing it; right now you see symbols you’ve almost instantly recongized as words, and nearly directly afterward as individual letters – there is nothing new about them, due to the fact that you have created a worn in system of roads your mind uses to categorize the letters in. There is nothing wrong with this; it’s necessary to survive in our world. But when someone progresses on their spiritual path it can sometimes become a nuisance. It obstructs us from listening to the gentle whisper of wisdom we have constantly pouring into our ear, because we are so busy putting things in the external world to ideas, words and memories. We dismiss these flashes of inspiration and sudden knowledge, or treat them as unimportant. One may do this all they wish, it does no real harm in their day to day drudgery. But to the seeker on the path to self-knowing, or the path to God, one must shed the external entrapment and look within. When one does this, it frees the mind from the ever cycling wheel of identifying and labeling and allows the inner wisdom, the inner light to shine into one’s mind. The path is lit before you, not by the lamp of some long passed sage or teacher, but from the light within you, the great revelation that all wisdom you will need in your journey is always by you, within you.
The well of Mimr that Odin cast his eye into for a drink of eternal wisdom is inside you. All you need to do is cast your eye into it, and drink.

April 1, 2010

The Lock

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The greatest pitfall in a ‘spiritual’ journey is thinking that one has arrived at the end – the pinnacle of it all. It is true that one may reach A end. But the end of it all, the final stage, is not something achievable with any amount if ease. It requires diligent learning and reflection upon all knowledge and wisdom one amasses (this knowledge, as one progresses, begins to come from within, rather than without).

When one claims that they have it figured out it all, they lock themselves in a state of inertia ridden dogma, a fixed state of restricted growth. They shut off all real chance at learning. There is nothing inherently wrong with it. One sometimes needs a locked off state to reflect and assimilate their current information without being sucked in by external influence. The big pitfall is when it becomes constant. It acts as a poison to the rich fertile soil that is the mind. It prevents new seeds (ideas) from sprouting.

Two quotes sum it up, I think:

“And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18:3, KJV

“I believe nothing, but I have my suspicions.”  – Robert Anton Wilson

March 25, 2010

The Mental Model

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In the constant chattering, endless internal dialogue between the mind and itself one can easily become entrapped within it. It’s a constant matter of I’m thinking this, feeling that, wanting this; that hurts, makes me sad, angry, envious, etc.  The constant exchange of thoughts between the originator of thoughts is enticingly ‘real’ – all of our lives we’re using it to reason and categorize the world, people, objects we’ve experienced. We’ve created a reality, a mental lattice work that we place our ‘Self’ upon and proclaim: “This is reality!”.

The irony of this statement is: Yes, it is reality. A subjective one created by perceptional experience and reactions to the perceived experiences that are based on a myriad of genetic and environmental imprints that are held deep within the psychic structure of the mind.  There is no inherent inaccuracy in the statement of the ‘realism’ personal reality. It exists, even if solely within the confines of the individual’s mind.

The problem in claiming a fixed, static reality-view is that it’s the choosing of a restricted world of experience. In setting up a reality that is objective (from the person’s point of view) you shut off, as it were, the banquet of experience and opportunity that is available outside of the pre-fixed world-view.

But… At the same time, these actual experiences are only accessable in temporarily entering the reality-model that conveys the full richness of the encounter. The same goes for many learning and growth opportunities – you can only access their full complexity when you step into their native world-model.

When one realizes that the pre-fixed reality of the personal perspective is a leaf upon a tree, you can begin to view the other models without blatant bias and sometimes even outright disdain (although, prejudices and imprinted ideals as to what should and shouldn’t be. are extremely difficult to escape from). A richer world of choice and growth is opened to us.
Even after the model-switching, we’re still inside a model (albeit a larger more flexible one). Thus, we’re still confined to some degree by our mental conditioning. That is, until one steps through it.

March 19, 2010


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It’s not easy to forgive people. Withholding forgiveness sometimes allots us a sense of control over the other person, we feel that as long as we keep them un-forgiven that we have robbed them of something. That we have the control. Nothing is further from the truth.
Holding grudges is like carrying a large stone intending to throw it upon the person who’s upset or disappointed you. The longer you carry it, the more worn and tired you become.
Forgiveness is a releasing of the burden of malice, of revenge, disappointment, and many other life-sapping thoughts. It takes conviction to absolve the perceived wrongdoings of others, many do not have the mental fortitude to do it. They think it’s easier to carry a list of enemies than to walk free from worry. When one holds ill-will to people who’ve misstepped in their past they give them power over them. A power to dictate their emotions and thoughts. If you wish to be free, to be unfettered from the stockade of self-imposed imprisonment – forgive.
We find freedom in forgiveness of those who trespass against us. But we find empowerment in showing kindness and love to the same person. When we feel the need to hold grudges its a very strong indication of something within ourselves we dislike, something we wish to restrict or deny. And, at times, can project this inner conflict as rigidity or un-forgiveness, lack of mercy, etc. But in so showing love and mercy to that which strikes us as un-agreeable we remove nearly, if not all of it’s sway over us. We are free from it. In so doing the opposite do you achieve the peace that everyone desires at the core of their being.

March 18, 2010

The Vessel

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He who knows other’s is wise. He who knows himself is enlightened. – Lao Tzu
This short, yet profound quote has always stirred something within me. It resonates with me, you could say.

Many people go through life on auto-pilot; they rarely project their full attention upon something. Their mind chatters away meaninglessly, we usually consider this ‘natural’ or ‘how it is’ but we have ignored the silent stillness that’s inherit within our mind. Once we silence the mental circus that goes on in our heads during most of our waking moments, we become empty of primal, mundane thoughts. We become a vessel for something to enter in, filling us with it’s nature.

As the Tao Te Ching states: ‘a clay drinking vessel is only of use because of the empty space held within it.’ Our minds are like lake beds, a single well springs up within the center (let’s say this well is a symbol of consciousness, or self-awareness), it can either gush forth filling the dry lake bed with life-giving water, or it can trickle slowly, allowing the lake to receive run off from surrounding rivers (surrounding rivers shall be external influences and stimulae). There is also a third option, in filling the dry lake bed – rain. Rain falls and rises the water of the lake, with foreign, life-giving water (we can, for instance say the rain represents God, the Tao, Higher-Self, etc.). It changes the water content of the lake, the purity of the water. It remains until the Sun glances upon the glass-like surface of the water, returning the liquid to its original state (Sun can be normal thoughts, will, etc.).
Every person has the control their mental content. The key to controlling it is awareness and mindfulness of what goes on within it. Not being swayed easily like a leaf caught in the breeze, being at the mercy of external influences.
Cultivating our Will is important, we need it to give ourselves resolve, and strength to carry on with our journeys throughout life. Which can be difficult, and displeasing if we are not prepared.

March 17, 2010

Thoughts On Awakening

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You have the light switch flipped on. Nothing seems the same as it was only moments before. All of the old thoughts, beliefs and ideas seem to either wither away like a plucked flower left out in the Sun; or they sprout and blossom in their full glory.
A spiritual awakening is amazing – it frees us from our old, destructive patterns and it strengthens the good.
But, for all the good that it entails there is some fleeting, and yet far-reaching lamentation of something deep within you. A undecribable sadness that lasts if only a moment; but you feel wash over you at odd times afterwards.

I go by the old idea that in order for something new to grow the old must be burned so it may take up the space. The old, worn trees must be cleansed by the purging fire, their hot ash strewn about the field that was once a gargantuan forest, a forest whom’s seeds were planted by our own, and others hands. A forest that harbors stunted, sometimes even decaying trees. As the fire of equalization and purification, started by a spark that sets alight something deep within the forest, as the fires grow they enlighten the wood with their flickering flames, they consume the trees and undergrowth, creating piles of nurturing ash. From the ashes, after the fires have been doused by rain, a long dormant seed sprouts, a delicate seedling that within it holds the potential of a massive, majestic tree – if only it’s nurtured by the hand of Mother Nature.

The old forest is our human shortcomings, neuroses, restricting beliefs and of course, our fears. The fires are some mysterious product of the awakening (or realization, if you’d prefer). They show us the limited, needless ideas and burdens we carry from our past. But, they can only remove them as long as they burn, untill the rain falls upon them, putting them out. The rain is a complex mixture of our reasoning, deep-rooted fears, and all kinds of psychological aspects within us, not always negative. These aspects stop the flames, because it sees the fire destroying something it holds onto as ‘Self’ or ‘The real me’. For most, the fire burns down a few trees, making room for new ones to grow from seedlings nurtured by the purified ash. This ‘purified ash’ is the blank slate, the state of our most basic and universal nature that we all share. We can use it to cultivate trees of compassion, understanding and wisdom – as long as Mother Nature (our conscious, everyday self) allows them to grow unimpeded.
I say, the sadness we feel, but cannot always place our finger upon is the lamenting of the old trees. While they have been decaying or stunted, they were still the trees of Mother Nature. But within the sadness She feels She also takes happiness that a new, more splendorous forest shall emerge from the cinders.

The Darkness Within Us

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In every person there exists a darkness: we’ve called it our shadow, our inner demons, our shortcomings, our problems, even, the Devil himself. We attribute evilness, uncertainty and various negatives to darkness. Darkness itself is simply the absence of light, people tend to think of it as a living force, when, in fact, it’s simply a mirror of light.
What ever light contains darkness holds but it’s obscured, shadowed over like some veil that creates a sense of mystery; whatever is mysterious creates fear and curiosity in the human mind. It’s similar to having a box placed in front of you and being told that you cannot look within it, you may only stare upon its outward facade; it generates powerfully gravitating feelings of wonder and desire to know. It’s a common theme in society reflected by our ‘dark’ obsessions. Anything that is forbidden is kindred to putting a blanket over the box itself, we say: ‘No longer will you be able to see it as it is, you may only glance upon our covering that obscures it.’.

The darkness within us is almost like the shadows of figures on a wall. Once our consciousness alights our mental landscape we see areas of darkness that perplex and intrigue us. I think that these shadows are the silhouettes of the mental structures we have placed within us, or create on our own. If you tell a child that they are unintelligent you slowly build up a structure within the mind that casts the shadow of inferiority within the child’s mind. Our array of shadows are simply the darkness cast by small objects that exist within our minds. We struggle with them as personal demons. We even see them in society as “The evil in the world”.

If we desire to be rid of the dark we must remove or change the objects that cast them. Unfortunately, we can rarely consciously behold the objects in themselves; and even at times refuse to acknowledge the shadows themselves. In acceptance there is understanding, and in understanding power to change all that limits one’s potential for growth – in accepting our darker, more primal aspects we gain control over it. We are no longer ruled over by some ever-present all-tempting Devil that wishes to destroy us.

Our demonization of darkness is folly. It’s a primal urge to seek out the unknown, without it our world would be primitive and limited. Instead of cursing the darkness or fearing it, you must light the candle. But in lighting it we create a world of contrast between light and shadow, one that amazes us.